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TimeBank New Brunswick

Apply for membership in TimeBank New Brunswick

How to Join

Welcome New Member!

To begin, please sign up on the TimeBank New Brunswick portal ( All new members must be 'approved' before they may post on the site.

  • Before a member can be approved, one must also attend an orientation on TimeBanking. This is to insure everyone has the same understanding of the TimeBank model, as well as how to use the online portal. For information on the next orientation, please check the Events page,OR our facebook page, OR send us an email (below)
  • As of the summer of 2018 Community Weaver (our software provider) has started requesting payment for our website (and support).  We break this cost down as "member subscriptions".  It is a small annual fee, that in the future the timebank will accept in your time helping us organize and operate funraisers.  You will need to pay for your member subscription.  The options of payment 1) Send a check to: TIMEBANK NB    CO: J. Alexander Murray 965 Knowlesville, NB E4M 3R9         OR        2)Etransfer to          

Questions? Please give us an email at