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TimeBank New Brunswick


How it Works

When you spend an hour doing something for a member, you earn a time dollar. 

Then you can use that time dollar to buy an hour of another member's time. You might get an hour's worth of help in your garden, take a yoga class, or get a ride somewhere.


The TimeBank New Brunswick encourages members to offer services that they really enjoy. Then, earning time dollars becomes fun! You can exchange something basic like a meal or a ride, or you can try something new like kayaking or massage. You can also give TimeBank gifts to family and friends – an hour of interior design consultation as a birthday present, anyone? Plus, there are plenty of opportunities to socialize.


Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Who joins the timebank? 

    While most members live in New Brunswick, anyone can join.

  2. What is the membership fee?  

    Currently there is not a membership fee. 

  3. What if I don't have the time?  

    You decide how many hours to offer and receive.  In addition, at times you can do a service such as child care or dog walking when you would be taking care of your own child or walking your own dog, so TimeBank may not necessitate lots of extra time.    

  4. What kinds of services can I receive? 

    Car rides (airport, doctors visits), budget and tax preparation, child and pet care, shopping, minor home repair, house painting, holistic therapy (massage, acupuncture), organizing your home, interior design, mending and alterations, computer help, web design, garden/yard work, moving assistance, cooking, cleaning, private lessons, classes and tutoring, editing, translating, companionship.  The sky’s the limit. 

  5. What else can the TimeBank offer me?  

    In addition to the services above, members can be invited to participants' homes for potlucks, parties and cookouts.  We can hold concerts, dances, yard sales and plant swaps all open to the public.  

  6. How does it work?  

    Members use a simple web-based system to let others know what they want to give and receive, and to track the TimeDollars going in and out of their TimeBank accounts. (You can get help with this if you need it).  Remember an hour of your time is worth an hour of another member's time.  

  7. Why should I join?  

    In addition to getting services without having to spend money, having opportunities to meet new people and expand your network, the TimeBank allows us to give to others and get something back.  It can be an opportunity to try out a new profession.  As many of us deal with the realities of our current tight economy,  having an alternative way to get services is quite timely. 

  8. Does it cost anything?

        Yes. It does cost to keep the website up at the moment so we offer a sliding scale annual membership fee that covers this; pay what you can between $5 and $50.  We accept paypal, cash, money           order and e transfer.  In the future there will be an option to volunteer your time to pay your membership fee.